HANDFUL firing service

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We have the perfect solution for you when working with clay at home or your office. Pieces that you create in our online classes and workshops can be fired with us. Just drop-off your work in our temporary studio and we take care of the firing. This is how it works:

1. Write an Email to [email protected] and arrange a drop-off time. We will come back to you with dates and the address.

2. Bring your clay object and cash. We charge 5€/kg (MwSt included). We recommend to collect some more pieces before stopping by to drop your work for firing.

3. Come and pick up your work on the arranged time.

If you want us to glaze your work, that is possible too. Please mention in your email the wish for glaze service and we can give you details on a prices based on your piece and glaze wishes.

Recommendation: We sourced the perfect lockdown clay with amazing characteristics for working remotely with clay. This is an air-drying clay that gets hard instead of brittle when drying on air and can be fired and glazed, if desired. Its properties are similar to traditional ceramic clay and allow all kinds of hand-building techniques for your creation. Ship the clay here.