Laura Pasquino on the power of clay to inspire

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By Anke Buchmann, 23.07.2021

Laura Pasquino is a ceramicist based in Amsterdam. Her work is informed by the Japanese Zen philosophy, appearing very calm and alive at the same time. Her peaceful vessels embody simplicity, asymmetry and the imperfection. Laura is currently working on her first solo exhibition that will take place later this year in Amsterdam.

Even though she had been always deeply interested in art, it took a travel to Japan for Laura to decide to end her previous career in the field of hospitality and real estate and dedicate herself to ceramics. "My parents used to be art collectors and naturally I have been surrounded by the arts since a very young age."

Laura describes, she was fascinated with Japanese ceramics, and decided at one point to travel to Kyoto, Japan. She took an apprenticeship with a Japanese pottery master, where she learned the skills while working alongside him in the studio. That was the moment, she knew what she was meant to do.

I discovered Laura's work via Instagram and noticed similarities in aesthetics and values to HANDFUL. I was excited about the common appreciation for materiality and tactility, simplicity and balance. So I reached out to ask her for an interview to share her work ethic and approach.

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