Voucher Clay Connection (3 sessions)

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The price includes UST (19%).

This is a voucher for 3 Sessions of the HANDFUL Clay Connection, that takes please every other week. The giftee can choose the dates, when looking at the available scheduled sessions.

What is the Clay Connection about?

Time: 7pm - 9pm (Amsterdam, Berlin, Rome, Stockholm, Vienna)

every other week

Any language is welcome. Anke will guide you through the evening. She speaks german and english.

This is a drop-in evening class for the pure joy and the pleasure of working with clay. Dive into your personal flow or connect with other clay enthusiasts over your clay project. If you don't have a project to work on, Anke will inspire you with ideas and methods.

Come as you are, have your clay or other materials ready, such as drawing tools and clay tools. You can work on a project of your choice, while connecting to other creatives and clay lovers from the HANDFUL community.

This is a casual event, without teaching, expectations or fixed duration. You drop in when it suits you best and stay as you please. I will support with inspirational material, if you need a little kick start.

Special conditions

For this event we recommend to organise your own clay. If you don't work with clay and want to join with another creative project you are very welcome.

This is not a class, but a creative get together.

To take part, the giftee can choose the dates in the HANDFUL online shop and use the giftcode when going through the payment process. He or she will receive a confirmation email with the zoom link to join the sessions.