The Mission

ceramic studio Berlin

We help people feel more inspired and alive.


HANDFUL is an invitation to slow down and connect through clay, while paying tribute to traditional craft methods and material insights.

HANDFUL stands for creativity, tactility and a conscious process with clay.

Our values of awareness, embodiment, exploration, and craftsmanship have underpinned our mission to enable and inspire you to get in touch with yourself and express your discoveries through your exploration with clay and ceramics.


Individuals & Teams & Groups

HANDFUL is designed for the thinkers that wish to leave their thoughts behind and loose themselves in the experience. For the digital nomads that forgot how nature feels like. For entrepreneurs and teams that understand, productivity grows with creativity and aliveness.

For makers, artisan or designers with ambitions. For all the artists out there that seek inspiration in an organic material.

For everyone who feels they left their creativity in childhood. For anyone who is alive and wants to feel it again.

We are looking at clay as a whole - exploring the material’s qualities with its impact on our bodies, our mind and our ability to connect to others. We value the process as much as the final outcome. Therefore we embrace slowing down, paying attention and observing with all senses.


Clay is a natural product and we are grateful for it being available to us. It comes only natural to stand up to protect the natural environment. That is why HANDFUL donates 1% of all sales to the Planet. This is a lifetime commitment.

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Anke founded HANDFUL in 2020, but her vision was born years before, when she moved from Berlin to London to study Ceramic Design at one of the world’s leading Art Universities - Central Saint Martins.

She has grown as an artist and award winning designer in London with work exhibited at group and solo shows in Berlin and London. She has inspired individuals, groups and creatives with her work and clay workshops.

With a previous international career in digital communication she knows the challenges of creatives working for leading agencies and international brands under the pressure to perform and be creative on a daily basis.

Having embodied both worlds - the digital and tangible, Anke is very much aware that most of our every day in today's western world is dominated by heady activities without our body or hands being engaged. As a result we feel stressed out, depressed and uninspired, lacking happiness, satisfaction or liveliness.

“With HANDFUL I envision to offer space for people to calm down and be inspired at the same time. A haven where the inner child can play and worries, doubts and rational thoughts can be transformed in a mindful process into creations made with your own hands. Leaving you refreshed, inspired and motivated.”